We Provide The Workshop and Bring It All To You!


Are you looking for a fresh party idea? Look no further! Stuffed Bear Party is 100% mobile and we will bring the "stuff your own animal" experience to your home or any other location of your choice. Just provide a power outlet and we will provide the rest. Your child(ren) will cherish this moment and build long-lasting memories with his/her guests as they stuff and dress their new stuffed animal friend.

Outfits make it even more fun! We have a huge selection of outfits and costumes to fit our
15-inch animals. Match the outfit to your child's personality, favorite activity/sport or theme. Children love dressing their own furry friend.

Stuffed Bear Party Package

Each Stuffed Bear Party-cipant will receive:
- One (1) 15" Stuffed Animal
- One (1) Outfit or Costume
- One (1) Star, Heart, X (kiss), or O (hug)
     - Satin inserts for wishes
- Personalized Birth Certificate

Price: $30.00 + tax per party-cipant

Schedule your Stuffed Bear Party today. Rain or shine, we will bring the party to you!
Minimum order required. Visit our Terms and Conditions page.